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Dhruv Epoxy Coat is a leading epoxy flooring contractor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, specializing in the coatings industry and other professional flooring solutions. We have been serving this sector for over 32 years. Starting with small-scale factory painting projects in the early 1990s, we have continually expanded our product and service portfolio. Today, we have successfully completed numerous projects across various industries throughout India. Contact us for high-quality and durable epoxy coating solutions.

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Time will come and go. We might rise and fall. Virat may hit 100 centuries or Sharukh may try romancing in DDLJ sequel. We might never know !! But one thing which will never change is OUR VALUES.

We believe in ourselves. To push our limits and do the most challenging jobs.

Business will come and go. But Ethics will stay permanently. We are not ready to compromise on our Ethical values at any cost.

What makes us different from the rest ? Well, our never ending thirst for Quality and Improvement.

We finish work in dedicated time frame. We follow strict SoPs. We give priority to our work than anything else. We believe in Discipline.


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1. Epoxy & PU flooring

We are masters of Epoxy floorings having completed many challenging jobs. We have worked with FMCG, Pharma, Textile, Food Industry, Industrial factories, etc. Best solution with best rates is our promise.


2. Waterproofing

Forget leakages when you are associated with Dhruv Epoxy Coat. Waterproofing is a critical job and should be left with the experts. We use many prominent companies waterproofing chemicals to provide you the right solution.


3. Anti Corrosion

Corrosion is a big problem in many industries. Corrosion leads to high maintenance costs and disturbed production cycle. But fear no more. We provide wide range of corrosion protection services. Check our section for more info.


4. Chimney & Boiler coatings

We provide specialized chimney and boiler coatings that can resisit upto 900 degrees of heat inside and exposure to harsh environment outside. We have scaffolding facilities too for tough jobs.


5. Powder Coating

We provide powder coating service to MS parts and Aluminum sections. We are the oldest service provider of Powder coating in Ahmedabad.


6. Repairs & Maintenance Works

We take up specialized repair works that includes technically repairing RCC structures, MS structures, etc. with various chemicals and repair mortars. Do connect with us for more info.